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SimMon – rethink the simulated patient monitor



Goes anywhere

No WiFi in range? No problem! SimMon is built for the road and can be remote controlled via Bluetooth.



Nobody likes a complicated setup. We’re passionate about keeping SimMon simple.


Customer Support

Can’t find the answer to your question?  No problem!  We’ll gladly help out. Contact support directly from within SimMon.

Use any pair of iOS devices as a simple remote controlled simulated patient monitor. Change the blood pressure, oxygen saturation or heart rate with a touch.

Simple setup. Easy operation. Low cost.


What's the buzz in the AppStore

Fantastic app to improve contextual fidelity of simulation ★★★★★
Version 1.3.2 – Nov 13, 2011

This series of apps (iPad and iPhone) was the perfect solution to add a simulated patient monitor to our neonatal resuscitation training. Very easy to set up and use. The developer is very responsive to feedback and has made many improvements in the short time I have used it. This is a great alternative to investing in very expensive patient simulators. I highly recommend it.

Fantastic portable Teaching Tool ★★★★★
Version 1.3.10 – Jun 13, 2012

I would highly recommend this for any clinical educator. What a great teaching aid for Mock codes or ACLS and PALS. Very easy to use and very receptive from students. Can’t wait to see what the updates bring, this app can only get better. Their customer service is outstanding as well!!! Keep up the great work!!!

- Wren Outreach Educator & Flight Paramedic Arizona Lifeline

Docslc ★★★★★
Version 1.3.10 – Apr 27, 2012

Fantastic app for a great price. Easy to use and can be controlled from second iOS device. Different wave forms available for each parameter, and prompt offline support. Well done on making a great app. Highly recommend it for anyone involved in medical/nursing education. (my kids love it too).

- Rfdsdoc

Frequently Asked Questions

And their answers

Can I issue my staff redeem codes?

Yes! If you use the Apple Volume Purchase Program your staff can then use the redeem codes in the iTunes AppStore to download SimMon without using their own credit card.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes! If you use the Apple Volume Purchase Program you will get a discount on volume purchases for qualifying institutions.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! If you use the Apple Volume Purchase Program you will get a discount on volume purchases.

How do I connect my devices?

Your two devices must be connected to the same WiFi network or directly via Bluetooth.

If your devices are not able to find each other the most likely cause is the configuration of the WiFi network. Some institutional networks shield the connected devices from each other for security reasons. So even though you are able to connect to the internet, you are not able to connect two devices or computers on the network to each other.

We recommend three alternative methods of connecting the devices:

1) Turn on Personal HotSpot on your iPhone. Personal HotSpot create a private WiFi network on your iPhone that your iPad can connect to. Other user reports that Android WiFi hotspot on HTC Wildfire also works just fine as does creating an ad-hoc network on a laptop. This alternative is the way to go when you have an iPhone.

2) If you repeatedly find your self without a usable wireless network I recommend buying an Apple AirPort Express wireless base station to create a wireless network. The Airport Express can be used as a local wireless network without connecting it to the the internet (which might be against network policy).

3) You can also use Bluetooth to connect the devices. Enable Bluetooth on both devices and allow extra time for the devices to discover each other.

Can I try SimMon before buying?

Promo codes for the iTunes AppStore are available by sending an e-mail to our support. We’ll send you a promo code as long as the are available from Apple. As per Apple guidelines the number of promo codes are for evaluation and non-commercial use only.

I have more questions!

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Send us an email with your question.

In the press


SimMon at Auckland HEMS

Rossi Holloway is a 5th-year medical student who works with Auckland HEMS doctors on their simulation scenarios. She wrote an excellent article available at the Auckland HEMS site “A medical student’s perspective at Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust“. Rossi mentions SimMon as part of the simulation set-up at Auckland HEMS:

[We use] SimMon (for iPad), which can be set up to look like a regular monitor and will make appropriate noises when remotely controlled from iPhone (including that sweat-inducing desaturation beep).

Rossi Holloway
Medical student at Auckland HEMS

Informationweek Healthcare features SimMon

InformationWeek: Mobile App Teaches Clinicians To Monitor Patients

The lovely Michelle McNickle, Associate Editor of InformationWeek Healthcare, wrote at nice article on SimMon.

I’m glad to see the initial costs of simulation hardware come down through the use of already existing hardware most people are able to get a hold of. Hands on training is an invaluable part of training and will help clinicians spot trends in vitals and other real-time patient data.

Jay Simmons
Information Week Contributor

TechTrends highlights SimMon as inexpensive high tech medical training

[...]SimMon, when combined with a low fidelity mannequin can create an inexpensive high tech medical environment for training purposes. [...] The app can simulate a range of medical scenarios for health care professionals and students to gain experience and practice.



iMedicalApps recommends SimMon

Tom Lewis editor at iMedicalApps has written an awesome and comprehansive review of SimMon.

iMedicalApps is a leading online publication for medical professionals written by physicians and analysts. iMedicalApps is recognized as experts in mobile health by the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Slate Magazine and many others.


SimMon is a great example of the educational potential of mobile technology. This is a good app for simulating a range of scenarios but there are a few improvements that would enable it to compete with some of the more technical medical simulators.

iMedicalApps recommended?


Read the entire review at iMedicalApps.


SimMon Nominated as Best Science & Education App

Wow! We are really proud to announce that SimMon is nominated as best Science & Education app in the 2012 Danish App Awards.


SimMon is featured on Australian TV

SimMon gets it’s television debut on Australian Sunrise show hosted by Simon Reeve. Still in the dark as to who made it happen – thank you mysterious Aussie!


SimMon is featured in UCC Magazine

SimMon is featured along side a spread on Maj Siercke’s Hillerød Clinical Simulation Lab in the October issue of UCC Magazine.

The Clinical Simulation Lab in Hillerød was one of the first simulation labs to use SimMon and it’s great to see the lab (and app) get some good publicity.

Maj Siercke is an associate professor at the UCC School of Nursing and in addition to being an experienced nurse has a background as both a coach and certified facilitator. She also consults at The Danish Institute for Medical Simulation (DIMS) in Herlev. We’re glad to have Maj Siercke on board as a beta tester and value her suggestions and even bug reports. Thank you!


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Contact Info

SimMon is designed and assembled in Denmark. Hand built with passion by Castle+Andersen ApS.

We can be reached at support@castleandersen.dk